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In brief

  • Add patient to the TeleCare Portal
  • Remote tuning adjustments sent via the TeleCare Portal
  • Remote tuning adjustments received via the myHearing App
  • Synchronizing with Connexx during a follow-up visit

Hearing care professionals have found that many issues patients encounter, during their trial, can be resolved with very basic changes to their hearing instrument settings.  Remote tuning capabilities, allow you to quickly resolve issues for your patients, eliminating an additional visit to your office.  Available with Signia primax™, Siemens binax™, Sirion 2 and Orion 2.

1. Add a patient to the TeleCare Portal

For more details, of the steps below, please refer to the “How to get started with Signia TeleCare” Guide (sections 2 and 3).

  1. In Connexx, complete a “First Fit” and select any preferred programs in “Program Handling”
  2. Access the TeleCare Portal via Connexx and login
  3. Transfer patient settings from Connexx to the TeleCare Portal
  4. Install the myHearing App with your patient and pair the App to your patient’s hearing instruments

2. Remote tuning adjustments sent via the TeleCare Portal

You and your patients can best benefit from TeleCare’s remote tuning capabilities of Signia primax hearing instruments. TeleCare is taking its next major step by introducing the 4-Band Equalizer for advanced remote tuning adjustments, for all primax hearing instruments.

For added convenience, there are a number of Basic Tuning options that offer the ability to adjust Master Gain, Loudness (for speech and own voice), Sound Quality and managing Feedback.

2.1. Equalizer and Basic Tuning explained

  • Equalizer: Gain adjustments can be made in +/- 3 dB increments, in four frequency bands.
  • Master Gain: Overall gain adjustment to all four frequency bands. If one band reaches its upper or lower limit and additional adjustments are made in the same direction, the other bands will follow until all bands have reached the same limit.
  • Loudness – Speech: Gain adjustment for band 3 (first click only). Any additional clicks will adjust gain in bands 2 and 3, simultaneously and in equal increments.
  • Loudness – Own Voice: Gain adjustment for bands 1 and 2, simultaneously and in equal increments.
  • Sound Quality: Clicking “Sharper” increases the gain for higher frequency bands and decreases gain for lower frequency bands, by one step. Clicking “Softer” decreases gain for higher frequency bands and increases gain lower frequency bands by one step. The first click, on either, adjusts bands 1 & 4. Any additional clicks adjust bands 2 & 3.
  • Feedback: Decreases gain for band 3. To ‘undo’, increase gain in band 3, directly.

Please note: Reducing feedback via remote tuning adjustments can impact the clarity of speech since gain is reduced in an important frequency range.  This adjustment is intended for temporary feedback control for a patient that has significant feedback issues.  Please reset this change at their follow-up visit and manage feedback appropriately.

2.2. Remote tuning adjustments

1.Open the patient profile and click on the tab “Remote Tuning”


2. Select the program you want to adjust


3. Make the desired adjustments to the Equalizer or Basic Tuning parameters




4. Click “Save & Send” to apply the changes

3. Remote tuning adjustments received via the myHearing App

  1. Upon completion of step #4, above, the patient will receive a push notification on their mobile device that indicates “Program received”.
  2. To apply remote tuning adjustments, patient will need to click ‘Accept’. (Hearing instruments need to be ‘on’, in the patient’s ears, and near their mobile device.)
  3. To decline remote tuning adjustments, patient will click the ‘x’ in the upper right corner.
  4. If accepted, the patient’s phone will play a series of high frequency sounds (inaudible to most listeners) to send the remote tuning adjustments to the patient’s hearing instruments. A status screen is displayed during this process for approximately 4 seconds.
  5. Once complete, the patient will hear a confirmation sound from their hearing instruments. The patient will be prompted to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if they heard the confirmation sound. If the wearer selects ‘No’, the remote tuning adjustments will be sent again.

6. View the status of changed settings, in your TeleCare Portal (located beneath the Equalizer):



4. Synchronizing with Connexx during a follow-up visit

When you connect and detect (in Connexx) a hearing instrument that has received remote tuning adjustments from the TeleCare Portal, you can review those changes and choose to permanently apply them to your follow-up fit or discard them.  Upon completion of any additional changes, made in Connexx, transfer your fitting session to the TeleCare Portal by clicking on the cloud transfer icon in the menu bar.




4.1. Close and re-launch the myHearing App

This process recalibrates the myHearing App to work with your latest changes to the hearing aid selection and/or device programming.


  • Double-press the Home button to view all active Apps
  • Swipe the myHearing App ‘up’ and ‘off’ the screen
  • Re-launch the myHearing App


  • Press and hold the Overview button
  • Tap on the “X”, for the myHearing App
  • Re-launch the myHearing App

Encourage your patient to continue using the myHearing App.  If they are still in a ‘trial phase’, they can continue to provide feedback via the Hearing Lessons and Satisfaction ratings.